Music For a While

Music For a While

Johannette Zomer sopraan
Marcel Booij - bass/arrangement
Angelo van den Burg: percussie, mixage, produktie
Cover: Ingrid Jansen

This time a very special session. This number is very appropriate around the holidays in the current circumstances. Marcel Booij and I have been working with the soprano "Johannette Zomer" since 2018. It seemed special to us to rearrange and record a song by Henry Purcell with her.
The result here.


I shall remain in waiting

I Shall remain in Waiting

Angelo van den Burg - Raphaela Danksagmüller

An album of melancholy and longing. The Armenian duduk, the Moldavian Kaval and the Slovakian overtone flute Fujara, together with the handpans, balafon and percussion, form an enchanting combination.
Raphaela Danksagmüller (duduk, fujara, kaval) and Angelo van den Burg (handpan, balafon and percussion) share a deep passion for overtone instruments and melancholic melodies.
In 2018 they met for the first time to make a live recording at the MCO in Hilversum the Netherlands.
This collaboration was so special that the idea quickly arose to make an album together.


Cover refelctions


Third release single ‘Lockdown sessions’

For this 3rd session the featuring artist is Tico Pierhagen - piano.
Born in Colombia. A master salsa and latin pianist. For this session Tico played a surprising piano track.

Leo Janssen - saxophone
Marcel Booij - bass
Angelo van den Burg - percussion
Cover design by Ingrid Jansen


Halo cover


Rene Dissel - Leo Janssen - Angelo van den Burg

Rene Dissel is a fantastic bass player in sound and playing. For Leo and Angelo it was a wonderful opportunity to record this composition together. Leo and Angelo have known Rene for a long time and have shared various stages in all kinds of different line-ups.
The synthesis of playing by all three and timbre of the instruments leads to a unique combination.
Besides his life as a musician, Rene is also an extremely talented photographer which resulted in the cover for this song.

Rene Dissel - bass
Leo Janssen - soprano sax
Angelo van den Burg - space drum, percussion, sounds
Cover design by Rene Dissel


From nowhere

From nowhere

Second release single 'Lockdown sessions'

For this second session "Leo Janssen" again invited because of his masterful sound assisted by "Davika" on vocals.

Leo Janssen - saxophone
Davika - vocals
Marcel Booij - bass
Angelo van den Burg - percussion, handpan
Cover design: Ingrid Jansen




Leo Janssen - Angelo van den Burg
Since 2019, after their first live concert, there has been a wonderful synthesis between both musicians. They now compose together. 'Arcobaleno' is a composition inspired by Jan Garbarek. Saxophone and percussion together surrounded with soundscapes. It is the common interest that both have for this impressive musician.
Cover design by Ingrid Jansen



To the light

To The Light

First release single 'Lockdown sessions'
Raphaela Danksagmüller is a renowned multi-instrumentalist known within classical music.

Raphaela Danksagmüller - duduk, vocals
Marcel Booij: arrangement / bass guitar
Angelo van den Burg: percussion
Zehra Al-Haddad - vocals
Cover design: Ingrid Jansen






Raw is the remixed soundtrack from the documentary I RAW about the sculpturist Ronald A. Westerhuis. The unique sound of playing his stainless steel sculptures by Angelo van den Burg is the fundament of this record. The force of steel



Inspired by water

Inspired by Water

The first Bearproject album.
The initial demo recordings took place on a remote hilltop in the south of France around 2004.
Some of the tracks where used in films and exhibitions.
The healing power of water



Intergalactical imaginaries

Intergalactic Imaginaries

A record inspired by the endless space and its discoveries by mankind. 2019, 50 years ago we saw the first man on the moon.
The infinity of space